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Digital Impressions | Send a Case
Digital Impressions

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Connect with LUX to start sending cases today!
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  1. Contact iTero support: (800) 577-8767 to add LUX to your scanner and iTero ID# 412460 for LUX Dental Lab



  1. Log in to your 3Shape account

  2. Under “More” select “Settings”

  3. In the menu, click “Connections” then “Labs” and “Add”

  4. Search “Lux Dental Lab” or "" and click “Connect” to send a request to connect


Dentsply Sirona CEREC® PrimeScan

  1. Login to Sirona Connect

  2. Select “My Cerec Connect” then “Edit Account”

  3. Under “My Account” select "My Favorite Laboratories”

  4. Search “Lux Dental Lab” in the field for “Company name” and check the box

  5. Click "Add” to register

  6. Select your restoration preferences and send the scans by selecting “Submit Cart”


  1. Login to your Carestream account.

  2. Carestream scanners have “add connections”. Please send your request to



  1. Login to your Medit account.

  2. Select “Add New Partner” and search for Lux Dental Lab or


  1. Visit the Shinning 3D portal and click on “Connections”. Search for us at or Lux Dental Lab and request a connection. 


  1. Login to your DEXIS Connect.

  2. Select “DEXIS CONNECT” and search for Lux Dental Lab or

STL Files

  1. For all other STL files, please email your file to and include a completed Lux Dental Lab Rx form.

  2. ​For larger files, we recommend using the easy file-sharing tool WeTransfer. Once registered, please send a file share request to

  3. ​If you need any support, please call us at (888) 342-7439 and we would be happy to help.

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